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About Us

Keeping it local, staying humble and using sustainable practices to create the best beers and food we can are what we're about at Conflux Brewing Company. Our philosophy is that quality is achieved through working with and supporting first rate people by giving them the tools and ingredients they need to be amazing. The culture we strive to create for our employees and how we are viewed in our community are extremely important aspects to our success, and we are committed to working hard every day for both our crew and our community.

Conflux Brewing Company is a family run business that is 100% locally owned. This allows us to act independently in the choices we make and gives us the freedom to create the culture we are striving for. We wish to be a sustainable business that is socially, ethically and environmentally responsible. The hope for our building is to be used a vessel that encourages positive changes to our growing community, and that our growing community keeps us motivated and moving!

The idea of the public house, or "pub", resonates strongly with us. Pubs hold a unique place in the American experience and colonial pubs were pillars of the community. Conflux Brewing is our attempt to revive and embody the quality, creativity and warmth that historic pubs represented to their communities.

We are on a mission to bring the inspiration of Montana to our taps by pushing the limits of creativity in the brewhouse for the beer we make. We are set up to welcome families with kid friendly food and engaging play areas. Our building has numerous areas for groups, couples and individuals to choose from including an outdoor patio on each floor, bar seating and two dining rooms areas.

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